2017-05-05 09:48:09

12 ways to make your website better and have a better conversion rate

Attracting visitors to your website and converting them to your customers is more than just signing up these days. Here are 12 ways to make your website better. Pay careful attention to your headline. Most consumers are too savvy to fall for hype-based copy writing. Lose the hype, and focus instead on writing clear, compelling copy that helps your visitors make a purchase decision.

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2017-04-26 06:46:56

Does your website has it all that is required to boost your business?

We all know the facts, and we know the figures. The internet is the single most powerful tool that we have at our disposal. It provides us with an instant and affordable way of reaching the world and gives the consumer or businesses the chance to both obtain and try out many of the products and services for free before the actual purchase.

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